Accomplished activities of RAC-Delcevo

NGO SC-Delcevo acted in frames of the project “NGO Support Centers in socially and economically deprived areas in Macedonia”(Debar, Delcevo, Kratovo, Gevgelija, Resen, Strumica, Struga, Negotino), funded by FOSI-M and EU and managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction.

Since the official opening in April 2004, until ending of the project in September 2006, NGO SC-Delcevo successfully achieved its mission in strengthening civil society in the region.

There is a huge number of newly formed civil associations and the previously formed were activated and motivated with new trained members.

There were organized 23 trainings by regular schedule and 2 special trainings (Lobbing and advocacy and Finance sustainability, trainers from COWI-Denmark and MCMS), 29 Local Initiatives, Networking and 3 Visits.

Over 35 000 EURO where given as grants for NGOs (13 call for proposals Civic action and 13 Internet Approach).

Successfully were organized:

–          visits to NGO Fair Skopje in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and to Regional NGO Fair Strumica in 2006;

–          tribune The join process of Republic of Macedonia to European Union and perspectives

–          several round tables on different topics.

The Local Government in NGO SC-Delcevo saw a partner through who the voice of the NGO sector can be heard for local level policy creation and decision making process of high priority meaning for the municipality. 

As a result of the successful collaboration, the Local Government together with the Mayor of Municipality of Delcevo, Mr. Goran Maleshevski decided to provide tthe NGO SC-Delcevo premises of 43m2 with access for handicapped persons, free of charge in duration of 5 years.

“I believe that the project has been very successful so far, taking into account how grateful the NGOs have been to use the Centre’s facilities and library, how many networking activities and initiatives have been conducted, and how appreciated the training sessions offered have been. I am confident  that you will continue with your good work also beyond the end of this project”

EU Ambassador Fouere said during a visit of NGO SC-Delcevo.

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